New Crypto-Secured Lending System with a Two-Way Collateral Function

This is about my article in the Ledger Journal on February 10, 2021. You can download my article from the link below.

An easy explanation of my article is as follows.

Existing collateral loans can be seen as upward collateral, which increases collateral value when the price of collateral price rises. My article can add a downward collateral that increases the collateral value when the price of collateral falls. Therefore, the borrower may choose one of the following three: 1) upward collateral, 2) downward collateral, 3) combination of the two.

In particular, in the case of a combination of the two, new hedged portion is newly introduced, with part of the two-way collateral being hedged by the two-way collateral ratio. Conventional secured lending systems cannot include this hedged portion. With a 70:30 collateral ratio, for example, 30% of the two-way collateral in both the upside and downside collateral (i.e., a total of 60%) is completely hedged against each other. Therefore, this portion always maintains the same value as at the time of the loan provision, irrespective of price changes of Bitcoin after the loan commitment. This represents a “stable portion” of two-way collateral, in which the value of the two-way collateral does not change during a loan period. The remaining 40% is the unhedged portion because the value of this portion changes with the price fluctuation of Bitcoin. This represents an “unstable portion” of two-way collateral. In this case, therefore, the two-way collateral’s hedged and unhedged portions equal 0.6 BTC and 0.4 BTC, respectively.

Therefore, my article is the first to propose the downward loans, and it can be thought of as an upgraded version of MakerDao.

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There are formulas and subscripts in my article, so I put it in a picture as shown below. You can be downloaded my article from the above journal link.

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